Wednesday, April 13, 2011

High Low

Aloha, Friend!
Welcome back to
      Honolulu :-)

"What we may be witnessing
is not just the end of the Cold War, 
or the passing of a particular period
of postwar history,
but the end of history as such..."

Francis Fukuyama

"It is easier to visit friends
than to live with them."

Chinese proverb

"A facility for quotation
covers the absence 
of original thought."

Lord Peter Wimsey


 "Oh my!"



The giant beast called
that we ride-
the zeitgeist is his soul-
Swimming history's currents
to big to control
or comprehend;
We hold on
we people of today
History (we thought)
had been vanquished
by our genius,
and committees.

The beast laughs:
Thousands of lives

We live
in interesting

Hold on!

          fondly, cloudia

Do YOU wish we lived in more boring times?