Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Blog

A L O H A !

" How one walks through the world,
the endless small adjustments of balance,
is affected by the shifting weights
of beautiful things
. "
Elaine Scarry

" Always live life
with your head in the clouds. "

  Gavin Pretor-Pinney

" You will always
be your child's favorite toy. "

Vicki Lansky

" What a child doesn't receive
he can seldom later give.  "

P.D. James,  
Time to Be in Earnest

> < } } ( ° >
When young,
more often than
all of my sentences began with
There was much to express
and all about
I dreamed that someday
many would be interested
in that "I."
The many 
would appreciate
Then I'd be
the special

But I have learned
to be more interested
Now often I begin 
with that word,
or a question 
to welcome
"You" in.
As  Ruskin said:
  " When a man is wrapped up in himself,
he makes a pretty small package. "

If you wish to blog,
to write,
I'd say:
' Be who you are,
but it's not about
yourself. '

It's all about
the one who comes
( like a miracle )
the one who reads.

Care about 
that reader,
and what you write
may be worthy
of their time
and attention.

My life is the topic
of this blog,
but it's purpose is
and the connection
that we make.

Each time you visit,
you truly make my
spirit shine.

It's all about

that it is.
                                    Thank YOU, cloudia