Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bloggers Share Moon and Sun

Lunar  Aloha  Solar
" Friends 
are the sunshine 
of life. "

John Hay 

" Start every day off 
with a smile 
and get it over with. "

W. C. Fields

" When we voyage, 
we open doors
 to perceptions we did not
 previously know existed. 
We meet new challenges, 
form new relationships 
and discover new visions 
of our world. "

Nainoa Thompson


Like Japanese poets
we bloggers contemplate
the same moon.

We share our lives
in bits and bites,
 photos, and posts.

With Love.

Mostly, though,
we simply
enjoy each other
under this 
Winter Moon.

Tipsy -
we smile 

And somehow
it is more
than abundance.

Can you see
the Jade Rabbit?

            Warmly, cloudia


Fly Me To The Moon by Bobby Darin on Grooveshark