Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where Santa is Now

ALOHA  from  WA I K I K I 
" I am not young 
but I feel young. .  .  
J'aime la vie! 
I feel that 
to live is 
a wonderful thing. "
                     Coco Chanel 

Thought You'd Want
to Know!

A Going On

A  L  O  H  A !
 Sun Rising Behind Diamond Head

" We shall not cease 
from exploration,
 and the end of all 
our exploring 
will be to arrive 
where we started 
and know the place 
for the first time. "
                                T. S. Eliot

 When life gives you
 a hundred reasons 
to cry, 
show life that 
you have a 
thousand reasons 
to smile.

That mountain is Diamond Head 
from the side.

It is a view, a photo
 in Waikiki,
but a presence 
here in the neighborhoods.
I like it.

" Year's end 
is neither an end 
nor a beginning 
but a going on, 
with all 
the wisdom that 
experience can instill 
in us. "
                       Hal Borland


I want to thank
for a great year
of fellowship,
of Aloha!
                 Sincerely, cloudia