Tuesday, March 2, 2021

No More Computers

Aloha from Honolulu!

The clouds are scudding 
across the moon,
A misty light is on the sea;
The wind in the shrouds 
has a wintry tune, And 
the foam is flying free. 
Bayard Taylor


Don't waste your time 

chasing things that will 

never be beneficial 

to your future. 

April Mae Monterrosa


 Most of the touch 

that keeps us all going is as

innocent as a newborn lamb 

frolicking on the spring grass, 

Laurell K. Hamilton


Towering genius 

disdains a beaten path.

        Abraham Lincoln

Manu-o-Kū (Gygis alba) is a native Hawaiian seabird found throughout many tropical and subtropical areas in the Pacific, Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans Link

When circumstances
upset your equanimity,
lose no time in recovering
your self-control,
and do not remain out of tune
longer than you can help.
Habitual recurrence to
the harmony will increase
your mastery of it.    
         Marcus Aurelius

Sign Of The Times

Wait. Bring those white birds back!

Unexpected kindness is

the most powerful, least costly,

and most underrated

agent of human change.

Bob Kerrey


Most computers are like Thoroughbred  horses 
that never run a race.
They are capable of so much, but most of us do relatively simple, routine tasks like checking email, surfing the web, watching videos, Zoom meetings. Even we bloggers do our work at Google's desk, so to speak. We edit something on our blog, it's immediately updated online. Throw your computer out the window, and you will find ALL our "Stuff" including your Blogger desktop, when you sign into your Google account on a different device. Of course, whatever data is actually ON your computer hard-drive 
lives and dies with that hard drive. We've all heard stories of the novelist or PhD candidate who lost their all-but-complete opus on a stolen, lost, or damaged laptop!
This is the reason to back up what you do not wish to lose! That's why I like Google, Amazon, and services like them: I work on their servers! No updates, no diagnosing problems. Let them handle it!  Perhaps you have heard of


A chromebook is a device with no hard drive, very little memory, that does one thing brilliantly: it gets you to Google's servers who take you wherever you want to go! Simple. No updates. They do ALL that. But would a CHROMEBOOK suffice for me and my photos and blogging? The verdict is a resounding YES! I take photos on my Pixel phone which are uploaded immediately to Google servers, edited there, stored there. Then deposited in my blog posts directly! If you need complicated photo editing, there ARE online/ APP options! You can install many Android apps directly on your CHROMEBOOK desktop! [Including text messenger and others you use on your phone.] 

This is the third post I am creating on my 
PIXELBOOK GO [that's a link] and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! Convenient size, light, great keyboard, clear bright screen. 

Some little tasks are accomplished a bit differently than you may be used to. But I have had no issues. PLUS it also has GOOGLE ASSISTANT which answers any questions I have about how to do what I want to do! Of course, you can google any questions you have, and sites like How To Geek will pop out the answer you need. IT experts have told me that they do that a LOT! Note: Pixelbook is made by Google, Other CHROMEBOOKS are available at all price ranges by many other manufacturers and available at Best Buy and Amazon. Lots of schoolkids and road warriors use Chromebooks. Find the one that fits your needs and budget. Remember, though, you get what you pay for . Some of the cheaper ones feel and look like toys. 

This machine may be more expensive than some chromebooks, but it is much more affordable than a comparable laptop. Without the complexity, and security job that comes with any computer.

We Love You,
          Cloudia & Pixie