Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Night Artist

A   L   O   H   A !
The Waikiki Street Artist, Kalakaua Avenue
" The purpose of art 
is washing the dust 
of daily life
 off our souls. "
                        Pablo Picasso

Thank You, Artists!

" A caricature 
is putting the face
 of a joke 
on the body of 
a truth. "
                          Joseph Conrad

Face of a Child; We Are All
 Children Before Creation

" To find joy in work
is to discover
the fountain of youth. "
                                          Pearl Buck

The Handsome Subject
" The painter who feels 
obligated to depict his subjects 
as uniformly beautiful
 or handsome and
 without flaws 
will fall short
 of making art. "
                     Joyce Maynard

" Being handsome 
wasn't much of a burden.
 It worked for me. "
David Bailey

" Nothing is as real as a dream.
 The world can change around you, 
but your dream will not.
need not erase it. 
 need not obscure it. 
Because the dream 
is within you, 
no one can 
take it away. "
                 Tom Clancy


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                 Warmly, Cloudia