Monday, September 16, 2013


A  L  O  H  A!
The Shadow of Your Smile by Astrud Gilberto on Grooveshark
 Palm Shadow Afternoon

" I imagine that


 is the only living thing. "

e. e. cummings

 Land of Homemade Bread

You aspire to great things? 

Begin with little ones. ”

Saint Augustine

 Lava Rock Wall

" God made everything 

out of nothing,

 but the nothingness 

shows through. "
Paul Valery

Trunk of Palm

" We all have

 the extraordinary

 coded within us, 


 to be released. "

Jean Houston

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                           Warmly, cloudia

Bonus Points:
Did you notice the
 caveman & Tyrannosaurus
on the palm trunk: