Monday, October 6, 2014


A  L  O  H  A !
A Tiny Arch Through Which Triumphant Faeries Might Pass

"  If we opened our minds 
to enjoyment, 
we might find 
tranquil pleasures spread 
about us on every side. 

We might live with the angels 
that visit us on every sunbeam, 
and sit with the fairies 
who wait on every flower. "
                                  Samuel Smiles

Water  Arch

" All experience
 is an arch 
to build on. "
                      Henry Brooks Adams

Gracious  Arch

" A landscape 
enclosed in the arch. . . 
 acquires a greater 
metaphysical value. . .
 solidified and isolated 
from the surrounding 


Architecture completes nature. "
                                          Giorgio De Chirico

Mysterious  Arch

" An arch never sleeps.”
                       Indian Proverb

My  Name  Is  Arch

“Human society is like an arch, 
kept from falling 
by the mutual pressure 
of its parts”


Thank YOU
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                 Warmly, cloudia