Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aloha Canada

Bonjour - Hello 
 Canadian Neighbors!
"Maybe they hate me 
because I'm too good." 

 "I've never tried to hide the fact 
that it is my intention 
to become the best."
               Cristiano Ronaldo

Canada IS the Best
because Canadians
are great people!

We Stand With You
A L W A Y S!

                     Fondly, cloudia

Hawaii Lives Not On Bread Alone

A  L  O  H  A !
"Rock bottom
became the solid foundation
on which I rebuilt
my life."
              J.K. Rowling

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 Robert Love, 

 baker and  native of Glasgow, 


arrived in Honolulu

June 19,1851.

 On July 12 

the Ministry of the Interior, 

Kingdom of Hawaii,

 issued Robert 

  license  to operate a bakery.

" The entrepreneurial success 

of Love’s Bakery truly 

deserves to go to one woman, 

Fanny Johnson Love.


Robert Sr. passed away, 

Robert Jr. and his wife, Fanny, took

 over the business. At the age of 48, 

Fanny was widowed 

with 6 children 

and a heavily mortgaged bakery. 

For 32 years, Fanny ran 

Love’s Bakery enduring fire  

[The Great Chinatown Fire, Cloudia]  


 annexation [of the Hawaiian Kingdom]

and the 

Republic [of Hawaii], with grace, dignity, 

and statesmanship. "

Fanny Love appears briefly 
in Alan Brennert's amazing
historical novel MOLOKA`I .

“ I've come to believe 
that how we choose to live 
with pain, or injustice, 
or death...
is the true measure 
of the Divine within us.” 
                       Alan Brennert

Surrounded by darkness 
yet enfolded in light.” 
                    Alan Brennert, 

“No land is more beautiful, 
and therefore more powerful. 
That is what I believe in, Aouli.
 I believe in Hawai'i.
 I believe in the land."
                                        Alan Brennert, 


Is there a familiar
local product
like Loves Bread
in YOUR place?

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