Friday, August 26, 2022

Teen Hero

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Share your voice and your heart.
Listen to how it falls in
with the cosmic symphony.
Let it be imperfect,
incomplete, unrefined.
The masterpiece is coming.
  Amy McTear

When you think you know
all the answers, 
you have finally become 
a perfect fool.

Orange You Glad?

"Every Day Better"

This is a young man I know,
named Genshu Price.
One day Genshu's dad suggested
that he collect recyclables to
save money for college.

Because G is a very smart
and kind young man,
he turned recycling into a
calling, then into a 
501c Nonprofit Organization
named Bottles4College.
Genshu plans on sending OTHER
local kids to college even
before he is ready to attend himself!

Every week G and his family
personally collect many pounds
of cans and bottles. Small businesses,
schools, restaurants and many others
have joined the
Bottles4College movement.
G inspires many many of us!

I remind G to take time for
fun and to be a kid,
But he loves what he is doing.
Recognition, news stories and awards
are to him just opportunities
to spread his message.

In case you wonder,
this young man is just starting
High School!

Can't wait till he is our 
Senator or Governor.

The larger the 
island of knowledge, 
the longer the 
shoreline of wonder.
           Ralph W. Sockman

The one you really love
will never grow old to you.
Through the wrinkles of time,
through the bowed frame of years,
you will always see the dear face
and feel the warm heart union
of your eternal love.
  Alfred Montapert


Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia