Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Finches and Egrets Oahu

A L O H A !
Java Finches 
Breakfast in Waikiki with Friends
[Doves and a spectacular red stranger]


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Thank You!

Tool Belt Gals

A  L  O  H  A !
A Warm Golden Blue Sky for You

" Life is too short 
to be little. "
                    Benjamin Disraeli

 " Happiness belongs 
to the self-sufficient "

 “Oh, that's the beauty 
of the rose, 
that it blossoms 
and dies.” 
        Willa Cather


There was a time
when I was young
that I wanted to work
with my hands.

My teacher's husband
hired me
to do the scutwork
on his urban
renovation jobs.
I was 18 years old.

I pried hundred-year-old nails
from ancient wood
with a 

I dismantled stairs,
spackled dry wall,
used a miter box
to cut cove molding
so it met perfectly
in corners.

The belt sander,
the drill driver,
and trusty hammer
were my daily companions.

One day
we build a 
free-standing wall!

A pony tail
on a construction job
was quite unusual.

But every day now
I see young women
in hard hats,
working along.

And some part of me
"I helped do that!"

And who knows,
maybe I did.

What paths
have YOU cleared?

Thank YOU
for making a path
here with us!

            Fondly, Cloudia