Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Honolulu's Historic GLBT Culture

A L O H A !
The Glades Project (Re-Enactment filming Behind the Scenes) from Connie M. Florez on Vimeo.

Many years ago. . . 
On Honolulu's famous Hotel Street
their was a place where
the boys were prettier than the girls.
That place was The Glades.

Drag performers all wore a button
by Honolulu law
that read: "I am a boy."

Black Men in America
were carrying signs that said:
"I Am A Man."

Those were some times!

Today, my friend Connie
is making a film. . . 
about a time. . . 
about special people. . . 


Thank YOU
for being Yourself!
                   fondly, cloudia

Cute Cat Pics

A  L  O  H  A !
“Time spent 
with a cat 
is never wasted.” 


“There are 
no ordinary 

“Like Batman, 
all of us hide behind our masks 
and use them to help define ourselves for others. 
We all have secret identities of a sort, 
hidden behind our smiling social-networking profiles 
or our happy church faces. They're not lies, really. 
They're just not the whole truth, 
because we know that most of the people 
we encounter day-to-day couldn't handle the truth 
(or perhaps we couldn't handle giving it to them)."
Paul Asay, God on the Streets of Gotham:
What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us about God and Ourselves

Wow! Really? 
All THAT from Batman, Professor?


Thank YOU
for looking in!
                         Warmly, cloudia