Thursday, February 11, 2021

Waikiki Shallow

 A   L   O   H   A  !

The job of feet is walking,

but their hobby is dancing. 

Amit Kalantri

Shot with sun behind me.

You don’t take a photograph. 

You ask quietly to borrow it.

Unknown Photographer

Shooting into the sun

If I shoot at the sun, 

I may hit a star.

Taking an image, 

freezing a moment, 

reveals how rich 

reality truly is.

Anonymous Photographer

In photography there is 

a reality so subtle that it 

becomes more real 

than reality.

Alfred Stieglitz

[Hmmm, seems we might 

have flipped those 

last two captions. 

What do YOU think?]

Photography is the story 

I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks


These shots were taken

doing my favorite thing:

Walking in Honolulu;

In this case, my own neighborhood

"shallow" Waikiki

as we called it back in my

taxi driving days.

Dispatcher: "787 Where you stay?"

Me: "Waikiki Shallow, Hobron Lane"

Down by Diamond Head, 

set in Kapiolani Park

is Waikiki Deep.

Also wrote a column called

"Walking in Waikiki" for a while.

So here I am going for PO Box mail

at the tiny, outdoor Post Office.

While in the Bay Area for a few

years, I felt like an uprooted plant

kept artificially alive. 

Nutrients, but no 

deep nutrition.

Here on

Oahu, my roots run deep.

Life is rich with memories 

 on every street corner. *

Thanks for visiting!
We will be here. 

We Love You,

                   Pixie & Cloudia

* Waikiki is approximately 2 miles long, and mere blocks wide, running from the Ala Wai Canal to the beach. Streams from the mountains bring fresh water to burble up in special places at the surf, where the brackish water has been considered healing for as long as Hawaiians have lived here. Once a marshy, almost magical stretch, Waikiki has long been the resort of  Hawaiian royalty who had homes here. They left their names, and the names of their iconic homes, on the street signs of Waikiki. Later, Japanese plantation contract workers once free of their obligation, made rice paddies here, raising ducks and families among Hawaiian families. Duke Kahanamoku, who won Olympic gold medals in swimming and is legendary for his ocean rescues, lived and died here teaching the world to surf. He grew up in  the Hawaiian village of Kalia, where the Hilton Hawaiian Village sits now by Kahanamoku Lagoon at the beach.  Link