Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weather or Not


Come In
E Komo Mai

Come Warm Yourself

click on the sunshine!
My first panorama shot on my FujiFilm A220 blending three shots into one.

"What we know of the world comes to us primarily through vision.
Our eyes, however, are sensitive only to that segment of the spectrum
located between red and violet;
the remaining 95 percent of all existing light
(cosmic, infrared, ultraviolet, gammas, and x-rays)
we cannot see.
This means that we percieve only 5 precent of the "real" world."
Amos Vogel

"Non-ordinary experiences are vital to us
because they are expressions of our unconscious minds,

and the integration of conscious and unconscious experiences
is the key to life, health, spiritual development,
and fullest use of our nervous systems.
By instilling fear and guilt about altered states of consciousness into our children, we force this drive underground,
guaranteeing that it will be expressed in anti-social ways."

Andrew Weil MD

"If the doors of perception were cleansed,
everything would appear as it is
- infinite"


The morning started grey and dark
with rain skirling the deck above our waking heads.
Boat Kitty came inside with damp fur-
our version of a Waikiki Snow Day.

Some part of my North American-born brain thinks:
Heavy clothing, Traffic Mess, and Wrenching My Back with that Sudden Slip on Sneaky Sinister Ice.
But it's just rain, folks.

Maybe it will clear the volcanic haze that we call VOG
from our skies, which have been blowing up from the Big Island Hawaii
(i.e. KONA Winds) for days now.

as quickly as a local smile
the clouds lighten up
to show a True Blue
as the dancing palms smile back
a greener green.

more Trade Winds will rush in from Alaska
like avenging, holy angels.
Skies, and heads, will clear
and newly arriving visitors
will think 'twas ever thus.

And so it has been:
Only in Hawaii - World's Best Weather
So lucky to be here in Waikiki.

The beauty of snowy pewter skies,
sparkling fairy trees,
muffled city streets,
and the heroism of frozen livestock water
finds me via YOUR blogs.

Mahalo, my friends.
There is always warm Aloha
here for you.

Come laze in da Spiral
before you scrape your
windshield (wind screen).

WELCOME! cloudia