Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Therefore I Know Triumph

A L O H A From Honolulu!

 Live your life now
so that whatever
you do gives
some sunshine... Stephen Richards

To be forever
looking beyond is
to remain blind
to what is here. Alan Watts

I believe a kid who is
playing is not alone.
There is something
brought alive during play,
and this something,
when played,
seems to play back. Lynda Barry

Your "Special"
is not your clothes,
Your pose, or being
given a rose.

Your Special was
before all that

Thank you for my unique life.
I have known suffering,
therefore I know triumph.

Have been lonely
therefore I appreciate the
people in my life.

I have been seriously ill.
Therefore I am grateful
everyday for my health.

Many of my friends did not
survive beyond young adulthood.
Therefore I am grateful
for my age.

Thank you for
bringing us
to this day.

ꯁ ꯁ ꯁ ꯁ ꯁ ꫧ
Love You,
         Cloudia & Pixie


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The rose-ringed parakeet,
also known as the
ring-necked parakeet, is a
medium-sized parrot
in the genus Psittacula,
of the family Psittacidae.