Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

- And dream your troubles away
  Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams by Frank Sinatra on Grooveshark
A L O H A !
" If you look around, 
you can find a face of God
 in each thing, because 
He is not hidden
 in a church, in a mosque,
 or a synagogue, 
but everywhere. . .
Who finds Him, 
stays forever with him. "

 Shams Tabrizi

Hawaii State Library LINK
Opened February 1, 1913,Territory of Hawaii

A "Carnegie Library"

In 1841, 
life expectancy at birth 
was 40 years for males 
and 42 years for females.

By 1900 it was 
52 and 57.

Today it is 79 and 83. 

So many things change with time.

"Starting today, 
starting now,
those who have been 
will be visible to themselves 
and to others. "

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie
Upon signing Marriage Equality in our Island State, yesterday
13 November 2013

Now that I am not at the legislature every day
I hope to visit EACH of YOU!

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