Friday, February 10, 2012

Motor of the World

A   L   O   H   A  !

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" My haters 
are my motivators! "

Ellen DeGeneres

" A prism may have unsuspected powers.
Who knows what truths and myths
they might reflect
or analyze, the way they prise
the colours out of light? "

Dave King

" And the bow shall be in the cloud;
and I will look upon it, 
that I may remember the everlasting- "
Genesis 9:8-17

" Can I see another's woe,
and not be in sorrow too?
 Can I see another's grief, 
and not seek
for kind relief? "

William Blake

                                                   > < } }(°>

Modern Research Psychology
is showing us much
about how we really
make decisions.

Even eye-witness memories
are not just facts
but constructions
based on what
we think that we know.

Most often,
we see what we
expect to see.

We find
what we expect to find,
by noticing confirmation
of our beliefs,
and failing to note-
or even notice-
that which does not fit
what we

It is my belief
that unconscious bias
is the secret motor
of the world.

Many fight against
those they deem
or "wrong"
or even

I fight not bad people
but good intentions
gone awry.

It takes great discrimination,
honesty & humility
even to begin
to unfold
our OWN

But be sure of one thing:
bias lives
in you
and in me.

Can you think of a bias
that you have examined
and disposed of?

Thank YOU for spending time here
with us !

                                  Warmly, cloudia