Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day 🌺

A  L  O  H  A !

Have More Of It

A  L  O  H  A !
"There is no such thing 
in anyone's life as 
an unimportant day."
         Alexander Woollcott

Novato, CA
“The growth of understanding 
follows an ascending 
spiral rather than 
a straight line”
         Joanna Field

"Make it a habit to tell people 
thank you. 
To express your appreciation, sincerely 
and without the expectation of 
anything in return. 
Truly appreciate those around you, 
and you'll soon find 
many others around you. 
Truly appreciate life, and 
you'll find that you 
have more of it." 
                       Ralph Marston


Thank YOU
               Warmly, cloudia