Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deep Aloha Daniel Inouye, Son of the Islands

A L O H A !

It's Been a tough week.

 Of course, the holidays are what they are.
Then the intolerable evil in Connecticut.  
Such shared, deep grief.  .  .

But then we in Hawaii 
suffered an unprecedented hurt,
somehow a very personal one, 
on deep and shallow levels.

 I can remember no shared,
 genuinely shared, grief
 like this passing of a
 giant leader,
 beloved son of these islands.

The mood reminds me
of JFK's assassination
all those years ago.
Hawaii is in shock.

For most of us
he has ALWAYS
been with us,
protecting us.

Watching average Hawaii folks
 wait in line, 
to file past his flag draped coffin
 for 7 hours Saturday night,
was really moving.

Dignitaries, like these Hawaiians of
Royal Societies
 pay respects to an honorary member
and friend.

When tall soldiers moved the coffin
out of the State Capitol
at midnight
over 100 citizens
still waited in line
to pay their

Watching the preparations
for his Sunday funeral
from my window
[over in the national cemetery
 at Punchbowl Crater]
I feel a loss, an emptiness larger
 than one family's loss. 

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
[ LINK ]
[ shot from my window ]

Hawaii feels hollow,
uncertain today. 

Crack of 19 cannons in salute,
one less than a
president gets.
 I shot the smoke
rising. . . . 

Since statehood 
till this month,
was the Dan era.

This must have been
what it was like
back in earlier times
 a much loved king
passed into

Missing Man Formation

After the ceremony,
President Obama & Michelle
visited the grave of 
Stanley Dunham,
Barack's grandfather
who helped to raise 
our President.
Mr. Dunham was
a WWII veteran
like Dan Inouye.
Several of Uncle Dan's
wartime comrades


Day or Night

A   L   0   H   A  !

D A Y -

or Night - 

Friends are Best !

The Italian word for wisdom, 
comes from "sapia,"
 Latin for taste. 

"I taste 
therefore I know,"

  Ralph Vaughn Williams
  "Oh Taste and See."

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