Friday, May 2, 2014

All Aboard High Speed Entrainment

Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran on Grooveshark

How often we act
before we think.
Usually this works out
very well for us;

Concentrating on every
routine task would be

We stop at red lights
without inner debate
or wasted time.

Efficient, see?

Human relations
DO require thought.

When we respond
automatically to a stimulus
like real or perceived rudeness
an unpredictable chain of events 
one rail car draws the next,
and we are on board
before we know it!

You do not know
if the other will apologize,
smile, or "snap" 
and retaliate

If someone is stressed
and ready to break
do you want to be present,
much less the cause 
and target?

Just asking.

Before responding to another
there is a golden moment.

Do not retaliate reflexively.
It may be that the other
will soon apologize
leave them that space.

If not,
 it is not Your role
to educate or correct.
Think of it this way:
How well do You
accept correction
from random strangers?

One of life's great axioms:
"Don't Take It Personally."

It sounds wise.
Practicing it is a challenge,
but one that will pay you
for the rest of your life.

" Learn to pause... 

or nothing worthwhile 

will catch up to you. "

  Doug King 


Thank YOU
for looking in

                         Warmly, Cloudia