Monday, February 4, 2019

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A  L  O  H  A !

How To Do It [Free - No Teaser]

A  L  O  H  A !

Program your Subconscious 
with things that meet your 
approval and truest desires.

One time-tested way
is to repeat a phrase,
especially while drifting to sleep,
first thing upon awakening,
and as needed throughout the day.
It becomes a pleasant habit.
A phrase like:

"Day By Day, In Every Way, 
I Am Getting Better & Better."
                Emile Coue` Link

Or create your own meaningful
personal, powerful phrase!

I like:
"Divine Genius Unimpeded"

Because the designer & maintainer 
of my body and my being
knows how to tune me 
to a wonderful state health
in every dimension:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, 
and Spiritual!

Normally, it's path is
blocked by all the mental stuff
we clog our lives with.

Most Importantly:
Our Subconscious reproduces
in our mood & experience
what we feed it all day long.

Worry brings anxiety & depression.
And we can become strangely satisfied
as we feel proven correct in our
negative beliefs about ourselves,
others, and the world.

So clear a path, 
cut back the weeds,
by replacing them
with mental flowers.
See a weed - say a flower.

Look on it as relaxing into
your unique paradise state
which will only grow,
and colonize your life.

You will see SO many flowers,
hardly notice any weeds;
And you won't be angry
and disappointed all the time!

No more negative self-talk!

If it feels dumb or wrong
to repeat loving, positive words
to yourself when alone, THAT
is an indication of the reality
you inhabit. And of your need
for liberation!

Dare to carry out an experiment.

Don't TRY! Don't EFFORT!
That is a key point.

The Subconscious works
differently than the
Conscious mind.

Effort and Willpower
are of the latter.

That's why sleep time is the best time
for this experiment. Falling asleep, and just 
after waking are magical access points 
to our deepest selves.

Take a moment to relax,
close your eyes,
and muse on your
wonderful thought.
Repeating it easily.
Over and over.

Devise your own phrase and use it 
like a mantra: easy, automatic, 
while your mind gently wanders.

If it grows ungentle, or other type thoughts 
or worries intrude, just regard them as 
puff-balls passing by, meaning nothing,
and let them go past as you continue 
your blessing. 

Wonders will happen in your life
as they have in mine over half a century.
It continues to be a Great Adventure.
IF You Want It!

Your mission on this earth
is 2% WHAT you do,

I Wish You ALL The Best!

                      Fondly, cloudia