Friday, March 27, 2015

Secret Shame Shining

A  L  O  H  A   from Honolulu!
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   " We have to dare 

to be ourselves, 

- however frightening
 or strange 
 that self may be."
   May Starton 

On Point

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SkyWatch Friday

WE all have something
we'd like to forget.

It seems to me
that something
so powerful
could do one much
but perhaps much
renewal as well.

Daily we sample
the meaning of life.
Some days it's thin,
others savory
& full of good things.

So what do we do
with the spice
that's not nice?

How do we find
the gift
in what we've tried
so hard to hide?

Every One
can overcome.

You are not done
Glorious raiment 
mysteriously spun
from what you used to
devoutly shun.


Thank You
for soul-sharing!
                  Warmly, cloudia