Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Rainbow City Honolulu

A  L  O  H  A !

Today is the day.

The day 

you don't know about.

After 30 years

We are going

'Somewhere Else'

Not to visit for a few days,

but to live for a while.

A new home.

All the hopes
of making it here. . . 

I remember the day
we got our 
Hawaii Drivers licenses;
The day I got my degree
from University of Hawaii.

I know these streets so well,
driving over them so many
days and nights
as a taxi driver,
health out-reach 
to the sex workers,
Riding motorcycles
in the pack. . .

Special ocassions
with family & friends 
long gone. . .

I have a memory
for every block,
every beach,
every stretch of 
country road.
On 4 wheels 
and two.

Lots of
"Used to be"
"When did they build THAT?"

I'm leaving a lot
of myself
on these streets,
roads. . .

I cannot think
about my friends
and Ohana,
The Local Culture,
without crying. . . 

Aloha Neighbors!

What seemed unthinkable
is subsumed in a bigger 

A fresh begining
in a beautiful new place.

Instead of retiring
in place, we are 
fresh and new 
- beginning again -
as we did here.


30 years.

Half of my life.
Here's to the next

I'm very glad
that YOU are coming 

Our blog party family
is portable!
[Thank Goodness!]

So ride the spiral.

See where we are landing-

Oh I know we'll visit Honolulu.

Nights in my dreams,
and some sunny day...
at least for a visit. . . 
I Shall Return.

There may be a few
scheduled posts
as we sort out
internet connectivity.
I may not be visiting
as normal for a while.

But stick around.

Something good
is set to publish tomorrow.
Kitty and I will be
learning new routines.

Honolulu I Am Coming Back Again 
 Andy Cummings 

" I seem to hear the Pali calling me
I seem to hear the surf at Waikiki
And from Pacific Heights
I seem to see the lights
Of a city that is very dear to me
I seem to see the waving sugar cane
The coco palms all nodding in the rain
In fancy I am led 
Back to dear old Diamond Head
Honolulu, I am coming back again
Honolulu, I am coming back again. "

Words by F. B. Silverwood Music by David Lindeman.
Copyright 1922 F.B. Silverwood. 
Andy Cummings made this memorable recording
 in the late 1950s of the 1922 composition. 

Released on: 01-01-1955
Andy Cummings and his Hawaiian Serenaders