Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wild Sea Bird Magic

A L O H A !

Here in Hawaii
many sea birds are seen.

These are probably
Honolulu's Official Bird.

Known to form strong 
pair bonds,
they always make me think
 how lucky we are
[ or have been ]
if we get to
dance with a partner.

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Thank You
for Perching Here Awhile
                  Warmly, cloudia

Slanted Truth

A L O H A !
Sailing Upwind
" You must stick 
to your conviction,
 but be ready
 to abandon your 
assumptions. "
                       Denis Waitley

" Trust is 
build on honesty.
 No honesty,
 no trust. "
                        Sara Ajlounie

Native Hawaiian Man in Traditional Cape

" Humility is not 
less of yourself, 
but thinking of 
yourself less. "
         C.S. Lewis 


Thank You!
I love when we
'hang' like this-
                 Warmly, cloudia