Sunday, November 25, 2012

Am I a Pundit Now? LOL

A L O H A ! Carroll Cox 
was nice enough to invite me back
 on his radio show today!  

You can listen 
to my commentary
 if you care to.

 Have a nice Sunday!

Warmly, cloudia

Railroad Memories

A   L   O   H   A  !

Train Song by Josh Garrels on Grooveshark

Riding a passenger train,
past a siding
where boxcars,
coal carriers,
and maybe even
a caboose,
was fascinating
to me as a child.
That is the Logo
of the
[ That's a Link!]

Trains were dirty, and loud,
 and rattling.
But you could ride 
and sleep
with comfort on
 the C&O

Chessie was based on this painting.

I haven't been on a train
for a long time;
a long distance one,
with a compartment
for many years longer.

I remember the moments,
decades ago
early in the morning
[ traveling from Durango
to Philadelphia
via Chicago ]
rounding the  
[ another link! ]
watching it from my
rocking bunk.

I can still see pink
waves of
the Atlantic
lapping near the 
of the line from
New York to
early in the 
[The "Night Owl"
left after midnight.] 

Some things
just stay 
with you-




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