Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comfort Clothes

Aloha & Welcome Back!

What do YOU wear when you want to feel like
  What Clothes make you comfortable?
If your friends are colorful,
 do you dress colorfully like the lady above?

Maybe you wear something that says:
 "DANGER, I'm explosive!"

Perhaps a uniform 
or piece of equipment 
shows your identity:
"I do real serious, physical work:
 building & repairing stuff. 
 I'm Patriotism & Union all the way!"

Hula Dancers wear foliage
 (for Hula Kahiko: ancient hula)
or colorful mu`u mu`u
 for Monarchy Era (and later) Hula `Auana.
What a bunch of dolls!
(there are a dizzying array of hula styles
under these broad headings.
see some  here.)

Some of us go through life wearing a shell.
Others can't see it,
but they feel it.

For me, 
my 'Chinatown Lion Dancing' T-shirt,
(one in black, one lucky red)
is my "go to."
Yee's Hung Ga Lion Dance Team
Not my shirt. For illustration only.
For purchase go here.

The "base" is 
my Dickies carpenter shorts
with tons of pockets
for camera & notebook,
and neccessaries. . . 

(can't see the cargo pockets in this shot)

Of course, we all wear slippers
(what you probably call 'flip-flops')

And most importantly:

Hawaii Lifeguard Hat!

Now I'm ready
to go shoot some

Hawaii wears rainbows;
We are under-dressed
without our smile!


What do YOU wear
to feel
and like
 Your Self?"

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