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An early Swallow Sidecar

Swallow Sidecar Company
was formed in Blackpool England
by William Lyons on his 21st Birthday,
 4th September, 1922.
 William Walmsley, nine year older,
was his equal partner.

The company was formed
 to produce
sidecars for motorcycles.
  Walmsley previously
  had a business
reconditioning WWI-surplus 
Triumph motorcycles
& fitting sidecars.

In spite of the economic stagnation
of the early 20's
the company bloomed 
after showing at
  the 1923 Motorcycle Show.

  By 1926 growth was sufficient
to enable the company to move 
into larger premises 
and to change their name
to Swallow Sidecar and
Coachbuilding Company.

In 1927 the company announced
the Austin Swallow Two-Seater 

Lyons quickly gained orders
for close to 500 of the cars.

By 1934,  the newly formed
SS Cars Ltd
was an automobile manufacturer 
and subsidiary of Swallow.

One car that William Lyons
was not fond of was
the Airline Saloon
regarding it as a passing fashion.
He was correct.
Streamlining wasn't in fashion
in the UK
so the more modern
Airline Saloon
kept flowing wings
and separate headlamps
but had a rounded tail 
usually referred to as a fastback.
The windows also extended
towards the rear
and it had a boot
(or "trunk" in America).
Maximum speed was 80 mph.
 This car was only produced 
for two years.
it is a sought after model
by collectors.

Have you guessed 
the familiar name 
of the cars
that we are talking about?

( ! )

Jaguar XF

Historic information courtesy of Jag-Lovers

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