Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sorely Missed

A L O H A !
" If with kindly generosity
One merely has the wish to soothe
The aching hearts of other beings,
Such merit has no bounds. "
                               Kuan Yin

This mural of Kwan Yin was one of
my favorite features of Waikiki.
Torn down last year!

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Human Rainbow or Zoo?

A L O H A !

Slavery & sex trafficking 
turn a human into a commodity.
 We all understand 
how wrong that is. 

And yet, don't we ALL 
commodify other people 
based on what 
we want from them? 

If they are homeless, 
smelly, too close, we
 give them a 
very low value. 

If they look a certain way,
 or control something 
we need or want (job) 
then we put a premium 
on pleasing them. 

When you really GET 
that each person 
is a whole world, 
it changes your 
whole world. 

A person may not
have value to me, 
but they have VALUE 
as I do. 

This means bothering to 
RESPECT before 
we shoot off our mouths
 teaching, or correcting strangers..

It means

Even if we
DO nothing

Seeing people 
heals our eyes;
and our hearts.


Valued Here!
Fondly, cloudia