Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Decision

A L O H A !
Queen Serenade by Arthur Lyman on Grooveshark

" Beauty is how you feel

 inside, and it reflects

 in your eyes.

 It is not 

something physical. "

Sophia Loren 

" There is a fountain of youth:
 it is your mind, 
your talents, the 
creativity you 
bring to your life 
and the lives 
of people you love. 
When you learn to tap 
this source, 
you will truly have 
defeated age. "

Sophia Loren 

" If you haven't cried, 
your eyes
 can't be beautiful. "

Sophia Loren 

" You have to be born
 a sex symbol. 
You don't become one. 
If you're born 
with it, 
you'll have it 
even when you're 
100 years old. "

Sophia Loren 

 > <  }  }  ( ° >
> < 3 3 3 ( ' >   

It is my pleasure
to announce
that I have decided
to join
the Sisterhood
of women all around us
who are quietly
Older Than You Think.

Quiet, because
it's rude to flaunt.
Mindful of 
T I M E.

It is just these
add a dash of genes,
a lifetime of sun avoidance,
and a heart of love
for puppies & people
(even when they scrape
one's hose)

So my admitted age
is a lie,
like the celebrities
who were adults
when I was an adolescent
who are now
"my bio age"
and growing younger.

So what do YOU
routinely lie about?

                        LOL! cloudia