Friday, October 10, 2014

Timothy Leary, Cary Grant, and Me

A L O H A !
Voices in the Sky by The Moody Blues on Grooveshark
They warned us: 
we would never "be the same."

You might say that of living itself.

So, sensing their lies
and limits
we sailed psychedelic seas,
waves of sense, of light,
of meaning.

We kissed far shores
of reality.

Even today
Weird juxtapositions,
 conjunctions of sights
recall those voyages.

You may call it 
I call it grace -

The world shows its faces
it's graces in smears of light 
and love.

It  can all be a bit much
for good old Normal Mind!

Take the poor dear by the hand,
patting same comfortingly.
It all WILL be
O. K.

Horizon Gazing 
is a capitol cure 
to reassure.

The Sky is a sigh 
of confidence,
and eternal love

" Learning how 
to operate a soul
 figures to take time. "
              Timothy Leary

" My intention in taking LSD 
was to make myself happy. 
A man would be a fool 
to take something that 
didn't make him happy. 

We deceived ourselves by calling it therapy,
but we were truly interested in 
how this chemical could help humanity. "
                                                Cary Grant


Gosh I was young
but I was there:
Irvine Auditorium
at the Univ. of Pennsylvania
1970 when Timothy Leary
spoke to 2,500
about the new frontiers
of mental exploration

He thought that 
the US President,
educational leaders,
all needed to know
the Psychedelic experience
in order for society,
for Humanity,
to reach the next
beckoning evolution.

At the after event,
I took my I Ching
from my backpack
and cast a reading for 
the good doctor.

"You are going to jail."

The oracle was pretty clear.
I felt obligated, as teens are,
to inform him.

The president never
explored LSD
(to the best of my knowledge)
but Timothy Leary DID
spend lots of time in jail.
Just saying. . . .

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!
Thank YOU
for tripping here!
Your Pal,

" Cary Grant was the first mainstream celebrity to espouse the virtues of psychedelic drugs. Grant was one of the biggest stars Hollywood had to offer when he jumped headlong into . . . endorsement of subconscious exploration, arguably, created more interest in LSD than Dr. Timothy Leary. . . the fantasy of countless Midwestern women. He convinced wholesome movie starlets like Esther Williams and Dyan Cannon to blow their minds. When Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping interviewed him, Cary Grant was telling happy homemakers that LSD was the greatest thing in the world. "
He tripped on LSD more than 100 times, 
prescribed by his psychiatrist.
You Can Be Anyone This Time Around by Timothy Leary on GroovesharkLegend of a Mind (Timothy Leary Lives) by Timothy Leary on Grooveshark