Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painted by Sunlight

Gilded by Moon

A L O H A !
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“It is better to be generous than just.
 It is sometimes better
to sympathize
 instead of trying to understand.”

Pierre Lecompte de Nouy

"By plucking her petals
you do not gather
the beauty of the flower. "

Rabindrath Tagore


Physical beauty
is such a strange thing. "

Jock Sturges  

" It's a strange world. 
Let's keep it that way. " 

Warren Ellis 


At the gates of joy
a butterfly shadow flits
or is it a shadow butterfly?
It's quieter here than I expected
the only pounding music
is coming from my heart.
Cleared - renounced - renewed
ready to go within
but no hurry - never again;
Trust the unfoldment
and loiter here
the gate
of Joy. 

Thank YOU for loitering here!
Your comment is a butterfly 
            warmly, cloudia