Monday, October 7, 2019

A Historic Day in Hawaii

A  L  O  H  A !

Updated October 5 at 5:19 PM
HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - "Organizers of an Aloha Unity march were expecting 10,000 people to make their way through Waikiki Saturday. Judging from the scene on Kalakaua Avenue, they may have easily met or surpassed that mark. The event is aimed at expressing opposition to the Thirty Meter Telescope project, but also show unity for Aloha Aina movements.
     “This is like family, ohana,” said Cynde Fernandes, one of the marchers. “They’re all talking. They’re singing. They’re giving a message, and this is it.”  Link   to TV News story

HRH Queen Liliuokalani
Hawaii's last queen
September 2, 1838 - November 11, 1917,
Author of world treasure song:
"Aloha 'Oe"

"At noon of the tenth day of April, 1877, 
the booming of the cannon was heard 
which announced that I was heir apparent 
to the throne of Hawaii."
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen | january 1898

All conducted in a nonviolent, 
uplifting atmosphere of warmth

"I could not turn back the time for political change, 
but there is still time to save our heritage. 
You must remember never to cease to act 
because you fear you may fail."
To her adopted daughter | january 1917

 It's really all about Na Keiki, 
the children
"I owed no allegiance to the Provisional Government so established, nor to any power or to any one save the will of my people and the welfare of my country."

"That first night of my imprisonment was the longest night I have ever passed in my life; it seemed as though the dawn of day 
would never come." 
Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen | january 1898

The Queen is still serving Hawaii's children
through the important activities
of the Liliuokalani Trust!


I marched.

Hawaii's Kings & One Queen.
Hands make the Mountain, Maunakea,
sacred space shared by gods and humans,
being protected, as the
Hawaiian people blossom in this day.

The Kingdom of Hawaii is not forgotten.

As indigenous people over the globe
reassert their identities and cultures,
so the Kanaka Maoli rise.
Ku Kia'i Mauna!
"Stand firm protectors of the Mountain"

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