Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hawaii Calling

A   L   O   H   A  !
This curb in Downtown Honolulu on King St was cut from
 the reefs offshore. You can see tiny holes in it. 
(Click to Enlarge) It may well date back
 to Territorial Days, or even further.

" I had to dance topless 
for two years to make cash . . .
 But it was very enlightening. . . 
 I'm talking about
 light from the gutter. "

Susan Powter 
“We are all in the gutter,
 but some of us
 are looking at
 the stars.”

 Oscar Wilde

" Memory... is 
the diary that 
we all carry 
about with us. "

Oscar Wilde 

When Hawaii became the 50th US State
I was in elementary school
 (just barely).
Hawaii called out to me. 

Everything about her
enchanted me. I learned
 a few words of Hawaiian
from the National Geographic.

The islands were a long LONG away
from the snows of Philadelphia.

Sometimes I went with my Dad
driving around the City while he
conducted his business.
Arthur Godfrey's radio show
 was often on the radio,
(he was HUGE then)
with his ukulele's and trademark:
"How Ah Ya, How Ah Ya, How Ah Ya"
Which I heard as "How are You"
and also "Hawaii.."
I think that's what he meant
cause he broadcast from
 Honolulu sometimes.

There was one song I heard on his show
that is forever associated in my soul
with sunny leafy
 Philadelphia childhood 
days in the old Ford 
with my young father.

I had forgotten about that song
but it was not lost forever.
When I moved to Hawaii
I heard the song again!

It is called Kalamaula. Have a Listen-

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Here is uncle Arthur singing a Hawaiian classic 
about a little shack in Kealakekua Hawaii.
Our first Hawaii home WAS a little coffee shack in KEALAKEKUA!!!!!!