Thursday, September 2, 2021

Second Oldest Question

A L O H A From Honolulu!
 I think I have learnt something
of the value of stillness.
I don't fret so much;
I laugh at myself more often;
I don't laugh at others.
I live life at my own pace.
Like a banyan tree.
Is this wisdom,
or is it just old age?
    Ruskin Bond

Clusia rosea, the autograph tree
Don't waste time collecting
other people's autographs;
rather devote it to making
your own autograph
worth collecting. George Bernard Shaw

A good day, a good life, comes down
to feeling good. We learn young
that eating three ice cream cones
in a row does not make us happy
in the end. Thus begins the search
for the answer to the world's
second oldest question:
What is a good life?
What is the oldest question
in the world?
What's for lunch!

Become a virtuoso of
telling people you love
how you feel about them.

We Love Each of You!
Pixie & Cloudia