Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Easy Anti Aging Tips

A  L  O  H  A !
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It makes sense
to cultivate
our inner strengths
our outer ones

"Old age
 is like a plane 
flying through a storm. 
Once you're aboard, 
there's nothing 
you can do." 
                      Golda Meir

"Let no feeling
 of discouragement
 prey upon you,
 and in the end you 
are sure to succeed." 
                     Abraham Lincoln 

"Opportunities to find
 deeper powers
 within ourselves 
come when life 
seems most challenging." 
Joseph Campbell


Here are 3 Anti-Aging Tips I Use.
Adopt, Adapt, or merely Laugh
as suits YOUR situation.
Insights remain valid

On one foot 
then the other.
Works your core
thighs, ankles, feet,
preserves sense of
Hold a table's edge
or such till just
one finger is enough.
Then without finger touching.
Becomes easy [-er]

Then jump
 to maintain bone mass, 
leg strength,
respiratory capacity 
 and coordination 
to avoid falls.
DO Avoid falls!
proceed hop by hop.
Begin by holding on.
Stay within your zone
which WILL expand
and you will feel great.

 Dump 99% of sugary treats
[includes many prepared foods]
for frozen organic fruit
Tastes sweet, no blood sugar
spikes, health benefits,
harms avoided.
a win/win for You!

Simple things
make BIG improvements
Thanks for joining us today
in the Green Zone
Wishing YOU the Best,

Bonus Points:
Coconut oil!
For cooking, 
anointing healing
skin and mouth,
[ oil pulling ]
butter substitute. . .
and MORE-