Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When a Person is NOT a Person

A  L  O  H  A,     F R I E N D
Have you ever observed,
 or interacted with 
a stranger
 who made you

Who's example
 or words
made you realize
 something important

Hey! Who is the photographer in this photo, me or him?!

That "person" 
may not have been 
a person at all.

may have been 
an angel.

On it's face,
that's comforting
 I suppose.
Of passing interest;
But what of it?

What are angels anyway?

 they are messengers
 from another
A level from which
things look very different
than we are used 
to viewing them.

They bring 
a touch of magic
capable of changing
 insoluble problems 
into happy 

Angels can be 
as pretty,
as gentle 
as butterflies,
showing one deep 
beauty and meaning.

Others are fiery, threatening,
warning, waking:
flying up in one's face
like a Zen slap,
wild hair flaming.

Angels are not
cute ceramic figurines,
except that some 
probably are.

Angels can be anyone,

Will you be an 
angel to me?

Then allow 
me to bless 
Y O U.

Don't ask too many

We might never

Thanks for Your Visit!