Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai Wish For You

            Xin Nian Kuai Le!    San Nin Faai Lok!
May your Kindness,
Courage & Generosity
return to You
many times over
this year!

           Fondly, cloudia

A Secret Obsession

A  L  O  H  A ! 
                                 [WARNING: Material of Aviation Nature]

" The natural function of the wing
 is to soar upwards 
and carry that which is heavy 
up to the place where 
dwells the race of gods. 
More than any other thing 
that pertains to the body 
it partakes of the
 nature of the divine."

" There is no sport equal 
to that which aviators enjoy 
while being carried through the air 
on great white wings. "
Wilbur Wright, 1905

"No one can realize 
how substantial the air is, 
until he feels its
supporting power 
beneath him. 
It inspires 
confidence at once. "
                           Otto Lilienthal

" We returned home, 
after these experiments, 
with the conviction that
sailing flight was not 
the exclusive prerogative 
of birds. "
                   Otto Lilienthal, 1874

" Can the magic 
of flight 
ever be carried 
by words? 
I think not.
                       Michael Parfit, 
                              Smithsonian magazine, 
                           May 2000


Walking in Waikiki
I spotted a 
Japanese woman,
a visitor
(we can tell)
 blonde Mohawk
sprouting from 
her shaved head.

She wore.
denim shorts,
and a studded 
leather collar.
In contrast
to the beach-clad

If she had been "young"
I would have smiled
and reminisced,
but she looked 
at least forty,
So I wanted
to talk to her.

Suddenly, a fighter jet
thundered low overhead.

She turned to watch it
(I was behind)
and said "Cool!"

"Yeah it is" 
I agreed.

We shared a smile,
so we had our 
moment after all;

Two overgrown
in love
with cool stuff
that goes
F A S T !

We now return you
to our normal

Thank You!
                        'Cool' Cloudia