Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Wonderful Thing

A  L  O A!

" The animals already
 live in harmony. 
They are waiting for us
 to join them there. "

Julie Draper

"  A pessimist is a man 
who thinks all women 
are bad. . .

 An optimist is a man 
who hopes they are. "

Chauncey Mitchell Depew 

" There's no such thing as nerves
 when you're playing games. "

 Shaquille O'Neal 


This week
the European Union
cosmetics with
ingredients tested 
on animals.

This is as historic
in my opinion
as any Civil Rights law.

How we treat
the helpless
what we are made of.

The rest of us
need to push for this
in our own

Congratulations, Europeans!

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