Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jackie Robinson in Hawaii

A  L  O  H  A !

Jack Roosevelt Robinson
 was born in Cairo Georgia
 in 1919.

He grew up to be
 the only professional athlete
 in any sport
whose number
 has been universally retired.

There have been many sports heros,
 but no one like
Jackie Robinson.

What is important about him
in my opinion
is not that he broke
the racial/color barrier in baseball,
but that he conducted himself
with unfailing dignity
in the face of very ugly baiting.

That instructive moral thrill
far outshines
victory on any
other scoreboard
to me.

I can't help thinking
of another beleaguered "First"
our current US President

You may have heard
that the culture of Hawaii
shaped our President
from his birth here 
in Honolulu. 

Yes. The way he
treats others, and behaves
with others
speaks volumes of 
Aloha to my knowing eye.

I like to think 
that Jackie Robinson too
drew from the lessons
and experience
of Aloha.

After being the first 
UCLA Bruin
to letter in 4 different sports,
Robinson could not get a job
in professional sports.

The NFL passed on him
(he was most well known
as a college footballer).

The only job offered the phenom
was on the
Honolulu Bears football team.
He was well paid, a local sensation,
he and also held a day job 
in construction at Pearl Harbor.
What Jackie couldn't do
was stay in a restricted
Waikiki Hotel!

Robinson was injured,
the Bears faltered,
and in that day of sea travel
he missed home.

Setting sail from Honolulu Harbor
on Dec. 5 1941
he heard about the Pearl Harbor attack
while at sea. 

small excursion craft off Honolulu

He worked at Pearl!
History might have been different
if he had been involved in the attack,
as many workers rushed to the base
during the Sunday attack to help. 
Several were injured, or killed.

The rest, as they say,
is history.
You can see the film
about Jackie Robinson
that opened this weekend.

Blessings to ALL
 who retain their Aloha
in the face of insult,
 or worse.
Blessed are YOU!.

That includes you,
Mr. President.
Just do your best. 

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