Friday, November 16, 2012

No Word, No Sign, No Sausage

A   L   O   H   A  !
May your trails
 be crooked,
 winding, lonesome, 
leading to the
 most amazing view. 
May your mountains rise
 into and above 
the clouds. "

Edward Abbey

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Password Princess Advises

A   L   O   H   A  !
“ We cannot solve our problems 
with the same thinking 
we used 
when we created them. ”

Albert Einstein

" Beware of little expenses.
 A small leak will sink a great ship. "

Benjamin Franklin

“ I like the dreams 
of the future
 better than the history
 of the past. ”

 Thomas Jefferson

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Password Princess here,
happy to advise you.

Time to change
YOUr PasswordS.



You should have a different one
for every important account.

Here is a tip!

Phrases of nine letters (or more)
would take hackers
three centuries to crack.

And by that time,
you will not care.

Another tip:
Dictionary words are too EASY.

Try something like:


Use a made-up word
in your phrase.

Throw in an underscor_e


Then put 3 or 6 or 1
random letters
before and after
your uncrackable password:


The best part is:

You DON'T need to Remember it!

Highlight the string of letters 
(and numbers and underscore)
containing your password,
then paste it into a document
on your desktop.


When you want to use your password
open the document, 
count the number of letters 
BEFORE your password


Highlight and copy your password
minus those letters,
then paste your password


in the appropriate window. 

You're IN!

You can even write down the string of letters,
(numbers, underscore(s)
because only YOU know
that the password begins
3, or 4, or 1 letter "in"
and what letter (or symbol) it ends on.

Absolutely Brilliant!

Now change YOUr passwords! 

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