Sunday, May 11, 2014

Magic of Marriage

A     L     O     H     A  !
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" Judge nothing, 
you will be happy.
 Forgive everything, 
you will be happier.
 Love everything, 
you will be happiest.” 

Sri Chinmoy

" The price
of hating other human beings
is loving oneself
less. "

Eldridge Cleaver

“ The important thing
 is not to think much 
but to love much; 
and so do that 
which best stirs 
you to love. ” 

 Teresa of Ávila


He and I
had been together
for years.

What would

Just a piece of paper,

And what about
those who cannot
be married?

it seemed 
the time.

We went to the judge
at his lunchtime.

One handful of friends
were there.

I figure we started our 
$30,000 ahead
that way.

Things sure felt
different afterward.

I felt different.

So did he.

I don't know why.

We both felt it.

The next morning
before awakening
I 'dreamed' of being
in an old fashioned room.

whose faces I couldn't see
sat around the perimeter.
Light poured in through
but I could discern nothing
through them.

These women
were my ancestresses;
somehow I simply knew that;
Grandma, Auntie
 who I had known,
& further back
who I'd never 

A hand,
an old woman's hand,
gnarled, familiar-
handed me a small plate.

On that plate:
a slice of
Honey Cake.

Honey Cake!

Like grandma used to bring!

Hadn't thought of it
in years.

Hadn't SEEN it

Later that day
we were shopping
at the usual place.

And there on the shelf
a new item,
or simply never noticed before:
Honey Cake!

I remembered
the 'dream.'

I knew it was the welcome
of the women
in my line;

When I became
a married lady
I joined their 

Honey Cake. . .

We'll sit together
 in that room,
drinking tea
and sharing
Honey Cake.

Not a bad way
to spend
some Heaven.

What will you 
do?  eat? share?
with YOUr ancestors
Please share in comments.

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                        Warmly, cloudia