Friday, February 15, 2013

Because of Tough

A L O H A !
 Red Sky

" If you've been up
 all night 
and cried 
till you have
 no more tears
 left in you - 
you will know
 that there comes
 in the end
 a sort of quietness. 
 You feel as if 
nothing is ever
 going to happen
 again. ”

 C.S. Lewis,

 Red Stripe

" Brave men are all vertebrates;
 they have their softness
 on the surface
 and their 
 in the middle. "

Lewis Carrol

Red Leaf

“ Tears
 are words
 that need 
to be written. ”

Paulo Coelho

Red Soup

“ When you've suffered
 a great deal in life, 
each additional pain 
is both 
 and trifling. ” 

Yann Martel

Ready  for  Sleep

" Life 
is a process
 of becoming,
 a combination
 of states 
we have to go through.
Where people fail
 is that they wish 
to elect a state 
and remain in it.
This is a kind of death. "

Anais Nin

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We all want
an easy life,
I am proud
of Me
of the tough

How About
Y O U?

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