Monday, June 16, 2014

Knight in Smiling Armor

A   L   O   H   A !
" Anyone 
can criticize. 
It takes a true believer 
to be compassionate.
 No greater burden 
can be borne by 
an individual
 than to know 
no one 
or understands.”
                                  Arthur H. Stainback 

 "Every day 
of your life 
is a page
 of your history." 
                    Arabian Proverb

 " A moment 
of self-compassion 
can change
 your entire day. -

 - A string 
of such moments
 can change the 
course of your life.”
              Christopher Germer


Let me be 
your knight in smiling armor:
Today I have a fun idea 
for you.

If you are a blogger,
or otherwise share
your photos on the web,
use Google Image search 
to do a search
of YOUR own blog
or name!

Remember when. . . ?
What were you thinking?!

I'll go back
to solving the world's problems

Now go have Summer
F U N!

                Fondly, cloudia