Friday, November 21, 2014

Light Party

A L O H A !

“A truly great book 
should be read 
in youth, 
in maturity and 
once more in old age, 
as a fine building 
should be seen 
by morning light,
 at noon 
and by moonlight.” 
                  Robertson Davies

"Now is the time 
of the illuminated woods, 
every leaf glows 
like a tiny lamp; 
one walks through 
their lighted halls 
with a curious enjoyment."
               John Burroughs

" I have never 
started a poem yet 
whose end I knew.
 Writing a poem 
is discovering. "
                 Robert Frost

And as the Party Boat sails on. . . 

Thank You
for Sailing these Seas.
You make it
a party!

                  Fondly, cloudia