Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sky Eye

A L O H A !

" I thank you God
for this most amazing day. . . "

  ~e.e. cummings

 What a comely eye glances down, 
with pursed lips of cloud?

" Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars.  "

Jack Kerouac

" Imagination is the eye of the soul.  "

Joseph Joubert

Don't see the sky eye? 
Look again at this enhanced shot:

“ May the alert

and the watchful divinities

guard thee- ”


Atharva Veda 



So lucky we live Hawaii.
For one thing, 
right after the holidays
we recuperate. . .
. . . 
in Hawaii !

Yes, we have been swathed
in volcanic haze (VOG)
from the big Island's eruption
for a few days
making us sleepy, sneezy
and stupid:

But the Trade Winds are filling back in,
bringing the best weather
on the planet.
(Hey! it's not MY fault!)

Here's your free sample:
we do not settle in
for a long 


I mean:

All over Honolulu Town
folks are preparing for 
Chinese/Japanese New Year!

There will be rice pounded
into mochi,
Taiko drums,
dancing lions
and fire crackers.

So please keep posting
about YOUR weather.

how will I know
what I am missing?

I especially enjoy pictures of
thick snow,
frozen water,
and your well-written discriptions
of JUST how cold
it is-


Can you really see your breath?!

Your visit is most appreciated !
Please join us in comments,
don't boycott me
for spite
                              Fondly, NOT at all gloating, cloudia