Monday, July 1, 2013

MoonDay Monday

A  L  O  H  A - 
Happy Canada Day!

" There are some things 

that are real, 

that you can see, 

that you can observe, 

like the moon, 

and grass and things. 

But for ideas 

to become real, 

they have to be played 

on your senses. "

Jane Campion 

Great explanation for the

importance of Art!

"To ride in the sun"

" I don't want 

a pickle, 

just want to ride 

on my motorsickle. "

Arlo Guthrie 


" Nature was here 

a series of 


and a fund 

of delight. "

Daniel Boone 

 > < } } (°>

Summer -

Long days

long rides

long smiles
among longtime friends.

I'm so glad that


are mine, 


 dear friend

here at the Spiraling Comfort.

Oakland Daily Photo Lady (link)
was nice enough to call this blog

"A bulwark against the seductions of pessimism."

Isn't that COOL!?

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