Saturday, November 24, 2012

Barack Panacea

A   L   O   H   A  !
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" Follow your inner moonlight;
 don't hide the madness.  "

Allen Ginsberg

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" A truly great book
 should be read in youth, 
again in maturity
 and once more
 in old age,

- as a fine building 
should be seen
 by morning light, 
at noon
 and by moonlight.  "

Robertson Davies

 ><333>  ~

Whenever I'm upset,
I've found a panacea
that can instantly
make me feel good;

I remind myself
that Barack Obama
is my President.

For four more years.

The Supreme Court,
the Middle Class,
and Business
can ALL prosper
with intelligence,
not be hobbled
in the name of

It feels like an angry,
dangerous bully
has dissolved in a puddle
like the wicked witch. 

Progress DOES Happen!

All we've worked for
our whole lives,
all the unpopular causes
we supported
are in the ascendancy.  

Thinking on these things
always improves my mood.

When I was a teen,
angry at the war,
and so much more,
I was told:
"No one will listen 
to angry people
with NO positive
contribution to make.
Grow Up!
Love it or Leave it!"

To our opponents
who want to secede
or recede
into wound-licking
and conspiracy theories  
I say:

Join in.
Help your community
and our nation.

No one likes
snide, angry  

Share your hearts,
not insults.

We know what it's like
to feel powerless
and unheard. 

Work like we did
for the things you
believe in.

YOUR country-
BUT it is

Love it
or leave it!

 What do YOU say?

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Dear Friends!
                                       Warmly, cloudia