Wednesday, January 7, 2015

La La La !

A  L  O  H  A !
The Sea Is One Thing

From The Beach -

- Another Thing,

 Far Out

In It.

How Is The Blooming Flower

In Your Own Garden -

- Less Marvelous

Than The Changes

Rung By The Moon?


Just Some Musings,
& Wonderings
of my Wandering

[ 'Mind'? ]
YOU Decide!
              Fondly, cloudia

Yellow Bird Oahu

 A  L  O  H  A ! 
Yellow Bird by Steel Drums Of Trinidad on Grooveshark
" We dance around 
in a ring and suppose,
but the Secret sits 
in the middle and knows. "
                            Robert Frost

" True friendship consists 
not in the 
multitude of friends, 
but in their 
worth and value. "
                    Ben Jonson

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Thank You
for flying by!
            Warmly, cloudia