Monday, June 2, 2014

Waikiki Beach Early

A   L   O   H   A !
On The Beach At Waikiki by Sam Makia & Hawaiian Surfers on Grooveshark
Mornings Are Gentle in Waikiki

" Gentleness
 is the antidote
 for cruelty. "

You Might See a 
Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe

Or An Outrigger Crew

" Many individuals have,
 like uncut diamonds, 
shining qualities 
a rough exterior. "

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)
is Back in a Big Way!

" Life is a process. 
We are a process. 
The universe 
is a process. "
               Anne Wilson Schaef

" Today is the day
 in which to express 
your noblest qualities 
of mind and heart, 

to do at least 
one worthy thing
 which you have 
long postponed. "
                         Grenville Kleiser

May You Enjoy One New Thing Today!
First ice cream cone, beach day, ball game, 
or picnic &etc 
of the season 
counts ]

Thank YOU
for Visiting!
         Warmly, Cloudia

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