Saturday, April 27, 2013

Presidents and Hobos

A  L  O  H  A !

" The soul knows 

what to do 

to heal itself. 

The challenge is 

to silence the mind. "

Caroline Myss

Kia Ora, (Hello / Aloha) Maori Man

" I just want to go through 

Central Park

 and watch folks passing by. 

Spend the whole day 

watching people.

 I miss that. "

President, Barack Obama

(Of course, Waikiki is where he honed

his people watching.

His grandpa brought him 

to the beach often. 

My mom saw Senator Obama 

walking unrecognized 

in Waikiki before he 

decided to run for President. . . . )

" I know the police cause you trouble 

They cause trouble everywhere 

But when you die and go to heaven 

You find no policeman there ” 

― Woody Guthrie
Hobos Lullaby

“ And above all,

 watch with glittering eyes 

the whole world around you

 because the greatest secrets

are always hidden

 in the most unlikely places.

 Those who 

don't believe 

in magic 

will never find it. ”

                    Roald Dahl

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